Am I Eligible

CanAssist Breast provides additional information about the tumor by looking at expression levels of proteins present in it. Along with the existing pathology report, this test result helps identify the likelihood of cancer returning after surgery and whether the patient is likely to benefit from chemotherapy or not.

The patients must meet the below criteria to take CanAssist Breast :

  • Patients with early-stage, invasive breast cancer
  • Patients with hormone receptor-positive (“ER+ and/or PR+”) and HER2- negative disease
  • Lymph node-negative or up to 3 lymph node-positive
  • Patients should not have gone through neoadjuvant chemotherapy

This test is not applicable for patients who are diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ)

Once the patients meet the test eligibility criteria, the doctors must prescribe CanAssist Breast before the treatment begins and the treatment can be customized for every patient.